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Hong Nhan Web Appication Developer
Application Systems Analyst/Programmer

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From November 2006 to June 2010 joined the Department of Psychology with the School of Science at Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) as the Web Developer and Programmer.

From July 2010 joined the Department of Workforce Developement (DWD) - State of Indiana.

From October 2014 joined the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE)

After immigrating to the US, she worked several places for several years, she then attended Purdue University School of Engineering and Technology. Nhan graduated and received her Baccalaureate of Science in Computer Information Technology in 2003.
During her time as a student she had worked as the Laboratory Instructor and as the Web Designer for several schools and departments including the School of Science - Department of Computer Science, the School of Business - Kelly Direct - Online MBA Program.
Post graduation she worked as the Web Developer for the Department of Environmental Health and Safety, and the Department of Psychology.

Nhan has devoted her knowledge, her energy to her work and she has also kept on studying to fulfill her knowledge, experience, and interests of lifetime learning.



Designing/programming web pages focused on database and client server systems development with PHP, Drupal Content Management, ASP,, C#, Java, and XML.

My experience in web design and program include websites below:

At the IDOE:

  1. Modifying all webpages in the website

  2. Creating new webpages and webforms.

  3. Consulting and coordinating with clients on new website/webform design and/or re-design.

At the Field Systems Support Unit in DWD:

  1. The field Operation document web site in Java – Java web programming

  2. In progress working on the Budget Project in Java programming

At IUPUI Department of Psychology School of Science:

  1. The ACT Center (web design)

  2. With C#, .Net and ASP original web program I have completed more website productions with the Psychology department in the test server such as the Crosswords Game, the Gradebook for B104 - I think those websites have been moved in the intranet for accessing, however, the courses Evaluate admin page is still at the test server for admin access.

At IUPUI Environmental Health and Safety - web program in ASP original and JavaScript:

  1. Web form for Indoor Air Quality Questionnaire

  2. Online Laser Safety Training

  3. Online Hazardous Waste Training

  4. Online Blood born pathogen

My personal web site (web design):

  1. My Family & friends:

  2. My Vietnam high school:


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