Web Design/program

My experience in web design and program include websites below:

At the Field Systems Support Unit in DWD:

  1. The field Operation document web site in Java – Java web programming https://solutions.dwd.in.gov/fieldOps/

  2. In progress working on the Budget Project in Java programming

At IUPUI Department of Psychology School of Science:

  1. The ACT Center http://www.psych.iupui.edu/ACT/ (web design)

  2. With C#, .Net and ASP original web program I have completed more website productions with the Psychology department in the test server such as the Crosswords Game, the Gradebook for B104 - I think those websites have been moved in the intranet for accessing, however, the courses Evaluate admin page is still at the test server for admin access. http://test.psych.iupui.edu/EvalsAdmin/Security/SignIn.aspx

At IUPUI Environmental Health and Safety - web program in ASP original and JavaScript:

  1. Web form for Indoor Air Quality Questionnaire http://www.ehs.iupui.edu/indoor-air-quality-questionnaire.asp

  2. Online Laser Safety Training http://www.ehs.iupui.edu/lasersafetypro/safety_home.asp

  3. Online Hazardous Waste Training http://www.ehs.iupui.edu/contractor/home.asp

  4. Online Blood born pathogen http://onlinebbp.com/

My personal web site (web design):

  1. My Family & friends: http://nguyen.leanhtuan.com/home.asp

  2. My Vietnam high school: http://chshoangdieu.us/index.html


Last updated March 2014

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